ECO – LOGY Solo show Gastineau Massamba DIETRO LA PORTA 2018

ICI International Cultural Institute presents



Solo show Gastineau Massamba

Curator Olivier Perpoint

ECO – LOGY / EGO – LOGY / ECO – NOMY / EGO – NOMY everything is connected.

When the West goes “green”, it is also that other areas of the world go to « grey » or « black » either by hosting the waste or during the extraction of wealth from their soils: oil, gas or metals that make possible to built the batteries, the electronic components of our telephones or other connected objects for example.

OKAPI Congo symbol and endangered animal, SCENE OF WAR linked to movements, VANITES mixing a set of signs to decrip, BLACK GOLD is left to the free interpretation of the viewer following his culture; are the associated works, from the artist’s studio or from private collections.

Gastineau Massamba is a Congolese artist (Brazzaville) who, abandoning painting, is engaged in the development of canvases « drawn with cotton thread », embroidered canvases. Touched directly in his daily life, his work is rooted in his personal history, the history of his country, the African continent and history of the world. His protean work shows us this reality, our reality. Rude, real, global. Because of its deep roots, one feels the whole truth and the commitment of a man as well in his drawings, his paintings or his performances.

This DIETRO LA PORTA 2018 will appear to the Venetian public at different times of the year at the same time of the Architecture Biennale, follow our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, …) to know when.

From the title ECO – LOGY / EGO – LOGY / ECO – NOMY / EGO – NOMY and the works that are given to him to see we let the spectator curious to make his own speech in a city affected by the elements and the acts politicians or not.

Solo show Gastineau Massamba

Curator Olivier Perpoint

ICI VENICE – Magazzino del Caffè
Campo San Simeon Grando – Rio Marin
Santa Croce 923 – Venezia – Italia

Gastineau MASSAMBA, born in 1973 in Poto-Poto, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, lives and works in Paris – France and Brazzaville – Republic of Congo. He was trained at the Tsiemé Art school – Brazzaville – Republic of Congo.
Sculptor, painter et poet, his work combines painting, performances, writing and installations.
For ten years, abandoning the matreial paint, he is « painting » and « drawing » with textile threads, inventing his own technics. In his works, questions about the human body, current affairs in his country, international geopolitical news and societal issues predominate. Taboo, conflictual or polemic, these subjects are the themes drawn on the raw canvases. The series TRAVEL, TODAY, TOWN, PEOPLE or with mysterious titles composed of numbers deals with immigration, urbanisation, economy, ecology, fighting, wars, the march of the world.
In spite of these heavy themes, his works are a source of hope, transcribed, for exemple, by colored threads or floral elements ; the hope of those who leave for a life that they think better elsewhere, those who fight for their ideas and can not be silent face of the world repeating the models of the past in worse.
The whole work of Gastineau MASSAMBA takes root in his personal history, the History of his country, of the African continent and the History of the World. His protean work gives us to see this reality, our reality. Rude, real, global. Because of these deep roots, one feels the whole truth and the commitment of a man both in his drawings, his paintings and his performances.
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ICI International Cultural Institute is a cultural non-profit association whose objective is to develop international cultural resonances between East and West, between ethnographic art and a contemporary element (art, architecture, design, etc …), as well as the promotion of the venetian heritage. Created by young Italian and French people, ICI Venice, in less than two years, has become a cultural actor recognized by the Ca ‘ Foscari University, the MiBACT both for its scientific rigor as for its communication on the cultures of the world. In a few years ICI Venice has created a loyal audience who visits the ‘Magazzino del Caffè’ to discover little-known subjects like Nepalese shamanism, the Zan Par, Bhutan, and emerging young artists.
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